Project Overview

L’Authentique Jacoulot

The Marc de Bourgogne


L’Authentique Jacoulot is a supple, smooth, nearly feminine marc. It is quite simply, the Marc de Bourgogne.
L’Authentique Jacoulot has become the undisputed reference among Marcs de Bourgogne and is one of our company’s mainstay products. Like all our marcs, it comes from the distillation of Pinot Noir de Bourgogne grapes, «extra-égrappé » (i.e. the stalky part which attaches the grape berries to the bunches is removed). Distillation is carried out on our premises in a traditional pot still. It is aged for a minimum of 7 years in our cellars before being bottled.


• L’Authentique Jacoulot 7 years : smooth and fruity, the perfect introduction to the Jacoulot style
• L’Authentique Jacoulot 15 years : the tannins are more pronounced than in the 7 years version  and it delivers exceptional length on the palate


• As an aperitif, served at around 14°C.
• As an appetite restorer during a meal, i.e. as a « trou bourguignon », poured over green apple sorbet
• As a dessert, in a « coupe vigneronne » (blackcurrant sorbet topped  with some Jacoulot  « Le Pur » Cassis and a dash of the Marc)
• As a digestif, at room temperature , served in a cognac balloon  or in an empty coffee cup while it is still warm.


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