Project Overview

Liqueurs & Crèmes de fruits (mint, lemon, cherry, rose…)

bewitching flavours

In the1950’s, Vincent Jacoulot’s descendents naturally complemented the Marcs and Fines de Bourgogne production with that of fruit crèmes and liqueurs, respecting the company’s premium quality philosophy. The first recipes were inspired by local fruit (blackcurrants of the Noir de Bourgogne variety, vineyard peachs, Burgundy sloes, etc. ).

Creative and innovative, Maison Jacoulot has since extended its range to meet the demands of liqueur and cocktail lovers, as well as industry professionals (barmen, sommeliers, mixologists…), and now offers over 20 different flavours.

Classic (Blackcurrant, Blackberry, Mint, Lemon) or more contemporary (Violet, Rose, Cherry-Ginger, Raspberry-Pepper, Chestnut), enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, Jacoulot crèmes and liqueurs come in a broad array of flavours for you to explore.