Crème de Cassis de Bourgogne “Le Pur”

22,80 TTC

Crème de Cassis de Bourgogne “Le Pur”

22,80 TTC

Notre cassis est issu de la variété « noir de Bourgogne », ce qui lui confère des qualités arômatiques exceptionnelles. Cette crème de Cassis ne contient que le jus de la macération, sans pressurage.

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Jacoulot Crème de Cassis “le Pur” is elaborated by macerating the fruit in neutral alcohol for several weeks.Once the infusion has reached the ideal expression of fruit character, the fruit solids are pressed .

Tasting notes :
The palate is velvety with rich notes of concentrated fruit and power.
The mid-palate is full of black sherries notes, raspberry and black chocolate.

Drinking and serving:
Neat in a chilled glass
3cl in a glass filled with white wine or sparkling wine to make a KIR ROYAL.
On a chocolate cake
On red fruit sorbets with a dash of Jacoulot Marc de Bourgogne “L’Authentique”.

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