Eau de Vie de Poire Williams

36,50 TTC

Eau de Vie de Poire Williams

36,50 TTC

Issue de la distillation de la variété Williams rouge, cette eau de vie de poire Williams dégage d'intenses arômes. En bouche, vous aurez la sensation de croquer le fruit

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Our Eau de Vie Poire Williams comes from one hundred year old pear trees which gives high organoleptic qualities and a lot of finesse. Colorless and crystalline, the tears are fine and clear. This Eau de Vie is brilliant and with a very nice limpidity.

The nose:fresh,clear and strong, of mature pears. With hints of yellow fruit without any greenness; the result is an Eau de Vie very greedy.
The mouth: pure and deliciously fresh, crispy fruit.

Serving and drinking:as a digestive in a chilled glass; as a dessert with a sorbet poire.

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