The quest for the exceptional

for more than a century


Vincent Jacoulot was born in 1864 in Romanèche-Thorins, in the heart of the Beaujolais « crus » region.

In 1891, he started to distil Marcs de Bourgogne with grapes from the vineyards of his wine growing friends. Maison Jacoulot was born.

An authentic signature

Very soon, his fame spread and the success of the Jacoulot  Marcs and Fines gained him an excellent reputation throughout Burgundy and beyond. The numerous medals received in prestigious competitions bear testimony to the quality of the fine spirits from the terroir which Vincent Jacoulot  patiently created in his cellars.
L’Authentique Marcs Jacoulot is the company’s signature product and a well-known brand.

Tradition & innovation

Since its foundation over a century ago, Jacoulot perpetuates a tradition of excellence and taste innovation based on products from the terroir. Today Philippe Vançon and his wife Anne are leading the company towards ever greater challenges but staying constantly true to the founding’s values: authentic know-how, premium quality and above all delicious tasting products.

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