Mint by Jacoulot

23,7048,10 TTC

Mint by Jacoulot

23,7048,10 TTC

Notre liqueur de Menthe apporte du tonic et de la fraîcheur aux boissons, cocktails et recettes culinaires.

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MINT BY JACOULOT has strong herbal flavours, very nice in the nose as well as on the palate.

Less sweet in the mouth , this liqueur matches very well on chocolate cakes and fruit salads and will awaken your tastebuds.

To drink in a cocktail :
4 soup spoons of Mint by Jacoulot
2 soup spoons of white “Rum des Pasteurs” Jacoulot
2 soup spoons of sugar cane syrup
2 soup spoons of Liqueur de Mandarine Jacoulot

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70 cl, 150 cl

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